connecting YOU to YOUR Source

welcome to the iNCOMING

the iNCOMING mission

at the iNCOMING we Know that fusing BODY with SOUL is key to a HOLiSTIC, SPiRITUAL EXiSTENCE full of Awareness, Balance, Peace, Enthusiasm and Joy. as a member of the iNCOMING you have the ability to 

  • ENGAGE in body mind movement, mirror work, and new and full moon alignment classes strengthening your physical, mental and emotional wellness.
  • CONNECT with a supportive community of badass BEiNGS nourishing and celebrating everyone’s unique experience.
  • AMPLiFY the connection to body-mind-spirit through memberships, weekly classes and monthly offerings, and in-depth workshops and courses.


who we are

Stephanie Y Jolivet and J’Aime Burns have come together to share their gifts to create a space that UPLiFTS into the celestial realms and GROUNDS into the physical body.

former professional dancer with nearly 20 years of bodymind movement teaching experience, Stephanie shares her expertise in the form of moveMEANT practices gleaned from Pilates- and GYROTONIC®-land in combination with her intuitive readership to create her own system of moving into ALL of your bodIES as your HOME: Heart Open. Moving Energy.

former fashion designer, J’Aime Burns has turned her creativity to the realm of iNTUITIVE healer and CELESTiAL conduit. she heals and uplifts through her special blend of mirror work, connection to crystals, and her ability to navigate the energetics of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

what the iNCOMING offers


when you join the iNCOMING today, you’ll get access to our ABSOLUTELY FREE-FOR-ALL space, a place to CONNECT with other badass BEiNGS and engage in our NEW and FULL moon alignment practices.


only by blending the PHYSiCAL with the ENERGETiC can we reach our full potential. the FiTNESS memberships redefine what it is to be “fit” and contain the key to our weekly classes, monthly offerings, all replays, a forum to share your experiences, and more. 

sounds amazing? awesome. check out all of our choices below. we can’t wait to move and grow with you.

rock on, Stephanie & J’Aime